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Angela Bannwart

Angela Bannwart’s passion for travel began very early – while she was still a baby. When she was just eight months old, she flew to Japan for the first time to visit relatives. Visits to her second homeland became a constant feature in her life. She also came to know other corners of the world, however, living in Canada, Malaysia and Honduras. She can now boast more than ten years of experience in the travel sector. As an expert on luxury holidays and cruises, she has learnt how to keep a cool head, even when the going gets tough – a quality that is extremely useful in her role at Globetrotter Premium Travel: instead of tackling problems when they arise, Angela Bannwart can see difficulties coming in advance, and thus has everything under control from the outset.

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Raphael Gwelessiani

If you could give the field of Business Travel a name, it would be “Raphael Gwelessiani”. He is the business travel expert par excellence: except for two years during his career, he has always been active in the travel sector – including as a luxury tour operator. He progressed from learner to departmental leader, and now heads the Globetrotter business travel department. “I have a passion for travel in my blood”, says the down-to-earth native of Zürich. His travel interests are accordingly varied: from Machu Picchu in Peru to the castles of Scotland. At the same time, he loves the Swiss mountains and likes to keep things earthy. In keeping with this, Raphael Gwelessiani has a special dream: to learn how to play the ‘Schwyzerörgeli’, a traditional Swiss version of the accordion. Thankfully, the one does not exclude the other.

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Esther Künzi

Growing up in a village, Esther Künzi knew from an early age that she wanted to explore the world. After long periods of time spent in major cities such as London and Paris, it's the vastness of the ocean that now draws her in. She sees each island as a small, new world that is simply awaiting discovery. The coast of Maine and the South Sea are where her heart lies, and she longed to be by the sea after reading about it in books. At Globetrotter Premium Travel, she helps customers to discover the big, wide world on tailored trips. With around 30 years' experience in the travel industry, of which some were spent as a luxury travel agent, Esther Künzi is now able to combine the advantages of a premium trip with the Globetrotter company philosophy.

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